FootballNet Against COVID-19

News November 9, 2020
FootballNet Against COVID-19

When developing our platform, FootballNet, nearly a year ago, little did we know some of the features we were putting in for consumers are now part of the ‘new normal’.

We wanted to build an app that was modern, that was able to connect with fans and understand their needs on a match-day. We felt that by having the gamification aspect - where fans can collect coins based on their loyalty - it would add another dimension to supporting their club and having banter with friends.

Now though we understand that supporting your team has changed, fans want to feel better connected and involved when in truth, they’ve never been so far away. We’ve now adjusted push notifications so that supporters can stay up-to-date on the latest club news, regardless of their location.

As we enter another lockdown, the ability to stream through the app - an idea which we thought would be fans abroad - is now a crucial part of British-based fans match-days too. Whilst this wasn’t right on launch, we have really appreciated all of the feedback and are working constantly to improving the experience.

When building our e-wallet, we felt it was the next step in fans using their phones for ticketing as well as for Apple and Google pay. The QPR e-wallet allows you to hold your season ticket through your phone meaning you can enter the game by using your phone instead of rooting around for your ticket. Now, that contactless method will be so vital in fans coming back to stadiums and restricting the virus.

At the other end, of the programming, the club’s can use our software to get live updates on how many people are in the stadium and crucially where they are sitting. In a socially-distanced world, this will be vital in getting fans back into stadiums.

Hopefully it won’t be too long until we are all back in stadiums and down the KPF, when we’re trudging away from the ground after a cold midweek game and this is all a distant memory. However rest assured until then we are doing all we can to help get supporters back where they belong!

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